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List of 700+ Licensed Commodity Brokers
Each Licensed Commodity Broker has a separate webpage dedicated to their information. We have provided as much information as availble on each commodity broker including: Location, Contact Info, Years Registered, Complaint History, Website, Description and Specialization

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Provides Market Commentary from many leading commodity and futures analysts. Read the daily and weekly commodity research.

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Welcome to Commodity Brokers Online - A Website for Commodity Traders to Research Licensed Commodity Brokers, the Futures Markets and Commodity Trading.

We have compiled a database of more than 700 registered Commodity Brokers. You will find information on commodity brokerage firms, including: years registered, complaint history, location, websites, contact information, articles on commodity brokers, list of problem brokers and much more!

Number of NFA Licensed Firms - As of April 30, 2012
  • Futures Commission Merchants: 106
  • Introducing Brokers(Firms): 1,362
  • Commodity Pool Operators: 1,015
  • Commodity Trading Advisors: 1,024
  • Associates(Brokers): 51,351
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Commodity Broker Articles
Articles on Commodity Brokers by Our Staff
Read Articles on How to Choose a Commodity Broker, Insider Tips on Brokerage Commission, When Commodity Trading Goes Bad, The Greed Factor, and more...

Commodity Trading Articles
Helpful Articles on Trading Commodities.
Common pitfalls that many commodity traders run into. Articles also cover how to get started trading commodities for the novice trader and advanced strategies.

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